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Almost everyone I meet wants to feel better in their bodies – they want more energy, health and vitality to stay active and engaged, to connect with family and friends, to do the work and play they love and to feel like a contributing member of their community.

Unfortunately, staying healthy these days is not easy, even when we are motivated to do so. Why? For one thing, the sheer amount of health and wellness information out there can be paralyzing. This makes it hard to figure out what to do first. And then there are so many things in our environment that work against our best intentions: our nutritionally deficient food, our toxic environment, and chronic stress and overwhelm.

It is important to know that the typical decline we associate with getting older is not inevitable. Aging is a lifestyle disease.

At least 95% of disease and illness is attributable to our health habits: our habituated behaviors, diet, exercise, stress, sleep, hydration, etc. When we are off balance in these areas we feel tired and depressed, get sick more often, and develop chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Our bodies age much more rapidly.

Most of us have known this for a while, so how do we actually adopt and stick with a healthy lifestyle?

A certified wellness coach can be extremely beneficial and can help you navigate your way back to optimal health. As a seasoned health coach, I am your biggest cheerleader to keep you motivated and on track. And I guide you to the best approaches so that you get the most accelerated and sustainable results.

I take the time to research the latest science-based strategies to address the most prevalent health concerns: releasing excess weight, increasing energy naturally, cleansing the body, preventing disease and slowing the aging process.

I have dedicated the past 15 years to identifying the simplest, most effective products, programs and tools that create a vibrant and healthy body! And while I can point you in the right direction, you have to be really ready to make a change and be fully committed to reaching your personal health goals.

The first step is getting really clear about what you want to achieve with your body and improved health, why you want it and how serious you are about getting it.

Next, we create a personalized wellness plan that fits your goals and circumstances to get you there. I support you as you implement the plan and to “tweak” your program as needed. The length of our work together depends on your starting point and how much support you need along the way to your goals.

My intention is to help you integrate new, healthier behaviors into your life and to empower you to stick with them until they become a part of the new you. Change is possible to feel good in our bodies, to experience vibrant health and to live healthfully into old age.

As an experienced health and wellness mentor, I can guide you to the best foundational strategies to improve your health and well-being. Addressing these key areas – mindset, stress, toxicity and nutritional deficiency – can often take us most of the way to balance and restored health. However, when more intervention is needed, I work with a team of experienced health practitioners, doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc. to fine-tune your program. And in most cases, you will be under the direct supervision of your health care practitioner who knows you the best.

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own body… If you are truly ready for a transformation on every level… If you believe as I do that change is really possible, then you will benefit from personal health coaching to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

What’s possible for you? Contact me today for your free, no obligation 30-minute consultation and find out.